Apartments – The Sims 4 Guide

Apartments abound in the new city area called San Myshuno. Sims are not required to inhabit them even if they take one of the new City Living Careers. Sims can

The Sims 4 City Living: Official Apartments Trailer

Experience the challenges that come with your Sims’ first apartment, then work your way up the penthouse of their dreams.

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9 Tips & Ideas To Improve Your Bedrooms | The Sims 4 Guide

A guide looking at nine different tips or ideas to improve your bedrooms in The Sims 4. The aim of this guide is to highlight some bedroom set ups or potential features that you might have been overlooking, and through this to help improve your gameplay. Please like and comment, and Subscribe here:

The ideas include creating custom bed heads and bay windows, multiple wardrobe options, a in-depth look at bunk beds and more.

I figured out how to fix apartments in The Sims 4

I think using the roommate system makes apartments WAY more fun

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The Sims 4 – City Living – How to place an apartment and build tricks!

Just a short apartment tutorial!


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