Things Betwixt – Dark Souls II Guide

Things Betwixt is the first area of Dark Souls 2. It is a forest of huge caves pockmarked by caves and passageways. Beyond it you will find Majula and the

Dark Souls II – Walkthrough #1 – Things Betwixt, New Character Creation, Intro Movies

6:08 – Things Betwixt
9:40 – Character Creation
12:42 – 1st Bonfire – Things Betwixt
22:36 – 2nd Bonfire – Majula

This is the start of my video walk through for Dark Souls II. I use the official collector’s edition strategy guide as a personal guide and reference before making each video, as well as wiki pages to bring you the viewer the most complete walk through experience I can.

I am playing on the PS3. I am a huge fan of the Dark Souls series, having completed the Dark Souls for the X360 a little while ago. I’m not going for a 100% complete necessarily, I’m just showing you how to get through certain areas, and what to expect.

That being said, I do thoroughly explore all areas with another character (not recorded) before I record, to try to make these videos as painless and efficient as possible, so I’m not looking around for hours or dying over and over. I do die sometimes, because this game is very hard, but if it becomes a time waster I may cut out some deaths to keep the video moving forward. (AKA it may not be a seamless playthrough in some parts, but for the most part it is).

I’m recording on an Elgato game capture card, to my macbook pro.

If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to answer!!

Dark Souls 2 PC 100% Walkthrough 1 ( Things Betwixt )

Dark Souls 2 PC/PS3/XBOX360 100% Walkthrough 1 ( Things Betwixt ) Full HD 1080p

This is a full 100% walkthrough of Dark Souls 2 including every secret and item locations in the game. I try to find everything in the game, being the game so big in lore and secrets, if i forget something please let me know. I am going to do PVP battles as well as few other stuffs. If you liked it please show your support by subscribing to my channel and liking these videos. Looking for a cool game to pass the time? Try 2! This is a strategic multiplayer game that will not leave you indifferent. Cheers!! 🙂


Items In This Video:

Rusted Coin x1
Small Smooth & Silky Stone x1
Human Effigy x1
Stone Ring x1
Gold Pine Resin x1
Soul of a Lost Undead x1
Torch x1
Dagger x1
Lifegem x1
Petrified Dragon Bone ( Dyna & Tillo ) x1
Soul of a Nameless Soldier x1
Amber Herb x2
Cracked Red Eye Orb x1
Handmaid’s Ladle x1
Morning Star x1
Cleric’s Sacred Chime x1
Binoculars x1


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Things Betwixt – Full Narrated Walkthrough Part 1 – Dark Souls II SotFS [4k]

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0;00 – Intro
1:15 – Character Creation & Mechanic Introduction
10:00 – Killing the Ogre & Stone Ring, Small Smooth & Silky Stone
13:00 – The First Bonfire, Torch Mechanic, Lighting Engine
16:00 – Going Through Things Betwixt
21:22 – Trading w/ Crows
22:25 – The Rest of Things Betwixt & Getting to Majula
27:10 – The Emerald Herald, Dark Souls II Stats (VERY IMPORTANT)
30:07 – Soul Memory Explanation
33:40 – The Buildings, Covenants & Denizens of Majula
41:25 – How to Start Dark Souls II & World Explanation
43:00 – Closing Remarks

This footage was recorded on a PlayStation 5 using an AVerMedia Live Gamer 4k. This video has been rendered in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021 using the following settings:

Frame Size: 3840×2160
Frame Rate: 59.94
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Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
Render at Maximum Depth
Profile: High10
Level: 5.2
Bitrate Settings: 65mbps Target
Use Maximum Render Quality

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Things Betwixt Area Guide – All Items FULL Walkthrough – Dark Souls 2 Tutorial

The BEST GUIDE on how to fully complete the area Things Betwixt in Dark Souls 2! This area is accessed after you start the game just before Majula. This video will show you how to kill the ogres / trolls, collect all items, and to unlock everything in this area. If you want a specific guide on finding the Estus Flask Shards and the Sublime Bone Dusts, just go to &index=2 &list=PL0c2X5rpQ1lqTFhR0EpC2-lq92Ewg9q7Z and click the area you want to see!

How to interact with the “Smooth and Silky” bird nest: &index=2 &list=PL0c2X5rpQ1lqKw8bh7FHYXY99lCionHOh

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